Is it just me ?

  ol blueeyes 31 Aug 09

It's started again. Some time ago on Windows 7 after installing Microsoft Updates that required re-booting my Computer went into the repair mode (which it never did) so I had to re-install Windows 7 again. Then for some weeks all was well now it has started again. Yesterday I re-installed Windows 7 3 times. Eac time it was after Microsoft updates were downloaded and installed and a re-boot called for.
So I ask
Does it happen to anyone else
Is it me
Is it my Computer
Is it Microsoft
Or what is it
Incidentally The Windows 7 I am running is Evaluation Copy Build 7100 quite legal and activated by Microsoft.

  a member 31 Aug 09

the obvious conclusion is that one (or more) of the updates is causing this to happen .
have you thought about disabling automatic updates and then updating manually ,this way you will be able to see what updates are available and download them (one at a time ) if nessesary.
I allways do updates manually , you dont allways need every update thats offered .
I have seen a similar problem happen to a friend . and it was found to be a simple update to do with net framework that caused a failed reboot and ended up having to restore .
I am running the latest version (rtm) and have seen no problems .but there again I allways manually control updates and allways download one at a time.
you could do a search (google etc) and key in the names of your updat ,for example KB******** problems . to see if anyone else has had the same experiences.

  ol blueeyes 31 Aug 09

Thanks will try that
I didn't have much hair to start with now I've got even less.
Auto matic Updates now switched off.
Thanks again.

  Forum Editor 31 Aug 09

about downloading and installing updates manually, one at a time, is sound. In situations like this it enables you to spot a troublesome update immediately, and you can set about repairing the problem.

One thing's for sure - if you have a problem with an update other people will have experienced the same trouble, and the answer will be out there. First you have to isolate the culprit, however.

  ol blueeyes 31 Aug 09

Thanks again for your help and advice. Some one ought to tell Microsoft or perhaps they have sorted it in the edition we get in October. Or the problem will be solved in SP1

  a member 31 Aug 09

the problem you have(or had) may only affect a small number of windows users ,it may be that the something on your PC has been altered or corrupted by software you have added or removed.
that is why ,you should,... when you have Isolated the problem update ,do a search for (update problem "update name") and see if you are not alone .if there are many with the same problem them microsoft should be informed .
that being said ,the version you are running is (rc) and not the final version ,in all probability the final (rtm) version may have cured the problem.


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