internet express e-mail tool bar problem

  grahameb 23 Jun 13

Until recently my e-mail had a tool bar on the e-mail page. this had options for font, font size, underlining, emboldment etc. It has now disappeared. Also when trying to forward an e-mail any pictures on the e-mail disappear and the layout changes. All very frustrating. I am on IE10. Can anyone assist as to how I can retrieve the situation.I've tried using Google as well as my ISP Orange to go into e-mail and the situation is the same on both.

  Nontek 23 Jun 13

Have you tried a System Restore back to when it was all OK?

  Nontek 23 Jun 13

BTW, system restore on Win7 can take anything up to 20 minutes or so. Be patient!

  lotvic 24 Jun 13

"options for font, font size, underlining, emboldment etc" These options only appear for composing an html email, maybe you have set it to 'plain text'

You seem to be talking about Webmail? as you have not mentioned an email client on your pc.

internet express that doesn't sound right.... perhaps you meant Internet Explorer 10 (your web browser) and then you go to your webmail sign in page?

  lotvic 24 Jun 13

If your email address is gmail you might try the solutions on:!topic/gmail/5KF4QJOtuZ8

  grahameb 01 Jul 13

Thanks everyone for comments and suggestions. It turns out that IE 10 is the culprit! I've reverted back to IE 9 . Problem gone away.


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