internet explorer not working !

  paulhis777 12:57 PM 08 Jun 12

Hello all Any way I can uninstall internet explorer As it is playing up every time I open it It freezes unable to browse any sites Or open any page I’m using windows 7 Thank you Paul

  northumbria61 14:38 PM 08 Jun 12

You don't say which version you are using but see here enter link description here

I assume you have another browser installed?

  northumbria61 14:42 PM 08 Jun 12

Or you could just try resetting IE -

Click on TOOLS - Internet Options - ADVANCED Tab - Rest Internet Explorer Settings - click on RESET BOX - Apply - OK

  northumbria61 14:42 PM 08 Jun 12

Rest Internet Explorer Settings - should read RESET

  northumbria61 14:49 PM 08 Jun 12

If you are having problems with IE9 then you can do the following -

Go to Control Panel - Programs & Features - View Installed Updates (L/H side of page) - Scroll down to find Windows IE9 - Uninstall - IE9 will be uninstalled and IE will revert to previous version IE8

  paulhis777 00:59 AM 09 Jun 12

hello all how do i know what version i`m running ? thanks paul

  northumbria61 15:32 PM 09 Jun 12

To find out which version of IE you are using - from IE Homepage click on help at top left of page - then about internet explorer


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