Internet completely freezing every minute

  sammy89 25 Mar 13


I’m using a Vista 32-bit PC with Firefox. For the past couple of weeks my internet has been completely freezing every minute or two, so I have to shut the page (/s) down (not responding – close the program) and start again from the desktop each time.

Once in a while, I turn my computer on and this doesn’t happen – but that’s probably about once every four or five times, and just restarting the computer doesn’t clear the problem. Sometimes it either starts freezing when it’s been on and working for a while, or more rarely, stops freezing when it has been since it was turned on. I have the impression one or two other programs on my computer have frozen once or twice since this issue started – which never used to happen – so don’t think it’s just a connection problem, more likely a problem with my PC.

Just before this trouble started, my wireless router (Orange Livebox) broke down and I had to get a replacement. However, mine is the only computer of three in the house to have this freezing problem since we got connected again. Have tried resetting the new Livebox to no result.

Have also tried (from other online suggestions) DNS Flush, CCleaner, system restore and disabling add-ons.

Would really appreciate any suggestions – as it is I’m having to type this out in Word and copy/paste it; it would freeze on me every three sentences if I tried to type it out on the site.

Many thanks

  difarn 25 Mar 13

Can I suggest you download and run Malwarebytes free to see if it detects any nasties. Download here.


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