Internal mem card reader no visible in my computer

  martd77 11 Feb 10

after installing a buffalo usb external terabyte hard drive my internal memory card reader has disappeared from the "my computer" window so if i insert a memory card nothing happens,if i insert a usb memory stick into the card readers usb port the card reader sees it?

how do i get the card reader to work?

running vista premium 32bit

  BRYNIT 11 Feb 10

Has the usb drive taken control of the drive letter originally assigned to your memory card reader.

You could try going into control panel/Administrative tools/computer Management/Disk Management and see if the card reader is showing but has not been assigned a drive letter.

  peter99co 11 Feb 10

I lose mine if I do a safe remove but they re-appear on reboot

  martd77 12 Feb 10

yes i think it has,when looking disc 3(j) is my hp photosmart all in one????

ive got c and k which are internal hd drives
jwhich is the external hd

g which says its mt hp allin one

d and e which are both dvd writers

So its completely disappeared,funny thing is my hp has a memory card reader and that works,surely it shouldnt be listed as a drive in "my computer"

any help accepted

  Kevscar1 13 Feb 10

if it shows in Device manager right click uninstall and reboot. Windows should find it and assign drive letters.

  martd77 14 Feb 10

if what shows in device manager?
Everything but my card reader shows in device manager

  BRYNIT 14 Feb 10

You could try disconnecting your USB hard drive and your printer, reboot computer and then see if the the internal card reader is showing.

  martd77 14 Feb 10

done it already,even unplugged the card reader and plugged back in, im gonna buy a new card reader may be faulty,they are after all only cheap,ive had this 2yrs


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