Installing XP over Vista

  moody 05:27 18 Sep 07

hello, I've been trying to install XP on a computer that has Vista but when I insert the XP disc I get a message saying that 'setup cannot detect any hard disks'

Please help


  Pine Man 09:17 18 Sep 07

Others may correct me but I don't think it is possible to install XP over Vista. You will probably have to reformat your HD first.

  Ashrich 23:57 19 Sep 07

Pine Man is right , you can't just install XP over Vista , Vista's permissions and security won't allow it , you will have to reformat it first .The hard disk message may be due to it being a SATA drive which needs a driver installed first from a floppy ( the " press f6 message during set up )


  tullie 09:55 21 Sep 07

And ensure that you have a copy of all your drivers first.

  Pine Man 13:05 21 Sep 07

Maybe moody has decided to stick with Vista ;-)

  tullie 13:59 21 Sep 07

Did this myself once,but forgot about drivers,had to reinstall Vista and couldent be bothered to do it again.

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