installing windows 7 on a SSD

  Petepops 29 Jun 11

I have at last given in and decided to install windows 7 on my new build.I want to install it on a SSD.Will my current programs on my current HDD (XP)that I will transfer to the new kit automatically work when windows 7 boots up from the SSD?

  a member 29 Jun 11

yes .windows 7 will just see your SSD as a sata ,drive . apart from the speed boost and quicker startup you wont notice ,apart from the lack of noise ,as its solid state ,and nothing to wind up.

  Number six 29 Jun 11

Not sure if I have misunderstood here, but W7 will most definitely not run programs installed on your old XP hard drive. They will have to be reinstalled under W7 when you have your new system up and running. Most old XP software will run on W7 quite happily if you install and run them in compatability (XP/SP2) mode. Apologies to merlinx if I have misunderstood the OP's intentions.

  a member 30 Jun 11

no number six, my apologies I misread the OP ,your right of course . assuming the programs are not too old ,they may or may not run under win 7 in compatability mode ,but they would have to be installed uner win7 either way .

  Petepops 30 Jun 11

Many thanks Merlinx and Number 6.It seems as though my fears are realized and I will have to re-install all my current XP programs once I have got 7 up and running on the SSD.


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