Installing windows 7 issue

  Stryda 18 Feb 12

Hello, I am trying to install windows 7 onto an old computer for my gf. The old computer has no hard drive though, so I have used my computer (which already has windows 7 loaded onto it) and hooked up a newly formatted Hard Drive to my computer, and installed a new copy of windows 7 to it. I then took out this hard drive and put it into my gf's computer, however when I go to turn it on, it states "Verifying DMI pool data......BOOTMGR is missing...Press Ctrl+ALT+DEL to restart" Is there a way to fix this? Any help greatly appreciated!!!

  difarn 18 Feb 12

It maybe that you need to go into Advanced BIOS settings to make sure that your CD drive is being recognised as the one to boot from.

Scroll all the way down to see all the possible boot devices and choose your cd device as the first drive.

  markd71 18 Feb 12

You really didn't expect that to work ? The bootmgr is totally different on your pc to what it is on your gf's . Put the hhd into the old pc and install W7 on it

  lotvic 20 Feb 12

I totally agree with markd71. You will have to start again and do it properly. As it is an old pc I hope you have checked that the other hardware will be able to support W7.

  adamstuart07 09 Mar 12

Friend What are you doing friend is not possible you installing window 7 in you computer and try to run in the other computer my friend when you install any operating system computer then the file take a place in the hard drive but friend its also create reference file in the computer memory in which it's being install.which is very impotent for running your computer operating system.if you really wanna upgrade to windows 7 then you have to one thing put your hard drive into the your girl friend computer and do format and then install the windows 7 in it now..

And i sure now it work completely fine....

  Stryda 09 Mar 12

thank you very much for the responses guys! Got it working the way you said, much appreciated!


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