Installing Raid 1

  carver 13 Nov 09

Sorry if this has been asked before but I have just built a new PC for my myself and intend to put Window 7 64 Bit on it.

I understand that Windows 7 does NOT require SATA drivers to be loaded as the drives will be recognised, but I will need the RAID drivers.

This is the Motherboard I have fitted Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4 (rev. 1.0), I've posted a link to the relevant site click here and have already saved these drivers "Intel SATA RAID Driver 13.10 MB" to a USB stick.(scroll down to SATA RAID Driver) I've got 2 Samsung 500GB hard drives I want to mirror

I'm not being thick just very nervous about some thing I have not done before, and would appreciate any help.

Theres a first time for every thing and this is the first time I have ever attempted this and would like to get it right with out pulling out what hair I have left.

  a member 13 Nov 09

I have an earlier Gigabyte mainboard ,and with Vista and now windows7 I did not need to load drivers , my raid drivers were nvidia I think .
however during install if you are doing a full install (custom) you will get a page early on in the install process with a little box to tick if you need to load drivers (win7 ) you can choose to load them at this point if you want. but its my guess win7 will have the drivers .
just make sure your raid array is set up before you start.

  acfc 14 Nov 09

It is very likely that you will need the drivers for a clean install, however as Merlinx says Windows 7 will prompt you to install them early in the process.

I made the mistake of not having prepared so had to go and download Raid drivers on another pC ~ at least you are ready!


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