installing MSOffice suite from XP to Vista

  ChickenGirl 21:36 12 May 07

Just purchased new Toshiba with Vista. Old notebook ran with XP and had MS Office Pro suite 2002(word,powerpoint etc) and upgraded recently to Office Pro 2007. Can I use my disks in my new Toshiba and will Vista install these programs? Thanks.

  Kate B 22:00 12 May 07

Depends if your copies of Office are OEM or retail. If the former, no, you can't install them on your new PC. If the latter, yes, you can, but you'll probably have to ring Microsoft and get a new activation code; and you'll have to have taken them off the old machine.

  ChickenGirl 09:57 13 May 07

Thanks very much Kate - have got retail so will try your solution.

  Kate B 12:23 13 May 07

Great stuff, glad to have cleared it up for you. I'm sure Microsoft will give you new activation codes - tht's one of the benefits of paying more for a retail version.

  dragofallenangel 14:02 14 May 07

I like not to be rude but it doesn't matter if you have upgraded your Office in your old PC and later want to install the same upgrade office in your new PC you still can use the same validation key that you have used before no need to phone MS to ask for a new key as I have install my office on 3 different PC's that I'm working with and I have no problems what so ever.

  Kate B 14:47 14 May 07

I've only seen two posts by you and they're both boasting about how clever you are with cracks. Well, this thread wasn't about using software in breach of the EULA, was it?

  dragofallenangel 14:58 14 May 07

No Kate B it's not I have tried it before and it works fine in any installation I have done no breach at all of the EULA and yes it's the first time I posted something on the forums I have always read the forums and never respond on it this time I like to help in many ways to solve problems as I can give some of my knowledge to the community it is fair isn't or shall I keep quiet and not respond.

  Kate B 15:19 14 May 07

If you've installed an OEM copy of something on another computer, you've breached the EULA. Retail Office does allow you to install it on both a desktop and a laptop, though.

  dragofallenangel 15:37 14 May 07

I haven't mention anything about installing OEM or Retail version of Office and I don't breached the EULA in anyway I have Office 2007 enterprise that has been given to me as a present from MS and it allow me to install in any PC that I can come across that means I have installed it on XP Pro, Vista Ultimate and dual OSes Mac OS X and Vista Ultimate I have no problems with it and update as usual and yes your right with the retail version Kate B.

  Kate B 15:42 14 May 07

The licence you get on a freebie from Microsoft is, unless you're explicitly told otherwise (such as an enterprise copy with a defined number of licences), exactly the same as any other retail copy. My copy of Office 2007 came from the press office; I can't install it on any other machine other than a laptop I own.

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