Image of w8

  iqs 23 Jan 13

Hi, Is there away to make an image of w8 ,from within windows ,to use if I have to reinstall w8 ? I believe that if you boot of the w8 disc,there's an option to restore from an image . Thanks

  Chronos the 2nd 23 Jan 13

Don't think you can do that,but have a look at this.

  Forum Editor 23 Jan 13

Transferred to Windows 8 Help from Tech Helproom.

  rdave13 23 Jan 13

I use Paragon and others here use Acronis. You can try Chronos the 2nd 's suggestion. I haven't heard of it before. When it comes to drive management/backups I think the paid for versions are best, plus you can get good support (from Paragon anyway) if updates are needed for newer OSs.

By the way, how did it go changing to AHCI in the bios?

  iqs 24 Jan 13

Thank you all for the help . I have been playing around with w8, and have noticed a w7 backup & restore option,it also lists a image option. Anyone have experience with this please Thank

  rdave13 24 Jan 13

Have a look here.

I had partial success with Win 7 trying out a restore from an image, some programs had to be reinstalled. Some here couldn't find the image on the external drive using the DVD to boot from. Worth a try anyway but not for me.

  iqs 25 Jan 13

Thanks will have a play :-)


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