IE shut down prblem

  tonyt1151 14 Apr 13

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop running W7 64 bit with IE 10. My problem is when I close IE using the "close" cross in top r/h corner some times IE only "restores down", sometimes with multiple windows open. Closing each one in turn usually , but not always, closes IE

  northumbria61 15 Apr 13

There is an easier way - right click on the IE Icon in your taskbar and select close window

  lotvic 15 Apr 13

"multiple windows open" you will have to close each instance of IE that you have open.

or did you mean you have one instance of IE open and multiple tabs

  tonyt1151 15 Apr 13


It opens one instance of IE in multiple tabs varying from 1 to 3 or 4. I've also noticed when opening IE from taskbar icon a second IE icon appears in taskbar. I don't recall this happening before. I think, but I am not certain, that these things started happening at the same time.

  lotvic 15 Apr 13

if IE is opening with 3 or 4 tabs I wonder if you have got it set to 'Start with tabs from last session' as per this pic on

  Dell-Harish 16 Apr 13

Hi Tonyt1151

My name is Harish and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell .I think the settings for Taskbar Button Grouping may be the issue. Check if the settings for Taskbar buttons is set on - "Always Combine, hide labels ". This would ensure that multiple buttons for the same program are not displayed and the Tabs/ Instances are Grouped.(Check the Link for more info )

You could then follow the steps suggested by northumbria61 to close the Tabs . Hope this was Helpful.


Dell-Harish K

  northumbria61 16 Apr 13

Doesn't appear to be Spam.


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