IE 64 can connect to internet, IE 32/Google Chrome cannot

  d_seng 08 Apr 12


I have a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit o/s, running IE9 32 bit & Google Chrome.

Today, all of a sudden, after configuring and starting up Windows Virtual PC, IE and Google Chrome have stopped connecting to the internet, giving the dreaded message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Even when I try to connect to my router, it still gives me the same error. If I use putty to connect to my NAS box, I get a similar message.

At command prompt, I can ping to the router, the NAS box and the different websites.

However, I am able to connect to the internet (and the router and the NAS) using IE9 64 bit, and also connect to the internet using the built-in browser in a software called DAP. All other devices in my house, mobile, TV, etc. can connect as before.

I have disabled Windows firewall and also uninstalled the antivirus program (Virgin Media Security - Trend Micro).

I have run out of reasons I can think of.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Happy Easter!

Cheers, Dhruva

  difarn 09 Apr 12

Is the virtual pc connected to the network host of the host pc ? If not try this. If this doesn't work and you have any other network adapters installed try those.

  d_seng 10 Apr 12

I tried all the different network options, but with no success.

I removed the virtual machine altogether, but it still doesn't work.

Still lost!

  difarn 10 Apr 12

You may find this article useful and it's solution.

  d_seng 10 Apr 12

Hey difarn, I owe you one!

I did not have to uninstall SP1 (I never had SP1, it fails to install everytime - about 12 times in 6 months).

I tried netsh winsock reset, rebooted the laptop and voila, it works!

  difarn 12 Apr 12

Glad it's sorted.


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