Idea,s anyone

  BigB32 19:10 22 Oct 07

Hi all have been running vista ultimate for about 3 weeks now and a annoying problem surfaces now and again on start up ,the problem is vista locks up/freezes at various points up to 90seconds after start up if it gets past that point runs fine no all for hour after hour. So I thought a conflict on loading something , at the moment I have only kapersky 7.0, pc tools firewall and Boclean running from start up , and once when it froze I rebooted and closed those progs. down in msconfig rebooted and it still froze .
Any comments/suggestions welcome please


  skidzy 19:57 22 Oct 07

This could be a windows service at fault.
Im guessing here that the cause could be the service Superfetch.

Start / and type


and enter.

Now scroll through the services and stop the Superfetch services.
This will do no harm to your computer,and may eliminate this from the cause of the lockups.
If the lockups persist after Superfetch has been stopped,you can safely re-enable this service.

  BigB32 20:07 22 Oct 07

Cheers for that skidzy have done as you suggested will see how it goes and report back one way or the other.

  BigB32 13:43 25 Oct 07

Sorry skidsy that has not helped still as bad as ever anything else to try ,I am stumped


  BigB32 13:43 25 Oct 07

Whoops sorry spelt your name wrong

  ventanas 13:55 25 Oct 07

I once had some Antispyware from PC Tools. It put about 10 mins on the startup time of my PC. Needless to say I ditched it.

I'm not saying it is this, but it may be worth a try disabling it for a short while.

  BigB32 14:07 25 Oct 07

As I say I even disabled all the programs including pc tools firewall from starting and it still froze up it is something else , I am writing this on this pc which took me at least 20 minutes to get up and running because of this problem

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