ide to sata

  prima12 27 Jan 13

Hi, I am changing my ide dvd writer to a sata dvd writer, on my mother board an Asus M2N-MX there are 4 sata connections but it appears that connectors 3&4 are not working. My HHD is in sata 1 and my bluray writer is in sata 2. Is it possible that sata 3&4 are not connected in the MB, I have swapped my bluray writer into sata 3&4 but it is not seen

  alanrwood 27 Jan 13

Sometimes you need to activate the extra Sata ports in the BIOS.

  prima12 30 Jan 13

Thanks for the reply. I went into the bios and it said that sata 3&4 could not be found so I think that answers my question. P.

  alanrwood 30 Jan 13

Yes it does answer why the drive is not found but presents a further question of why they are not found. Have another look in the BIOS and make sure that the SATA controllers are all enabled. There are sometimes different settings which disable the controllers. Just enable the lot and reboot. Look at the screen as it boots and read the text as it scrolls. You can press "pause" if it scrolls too fast. You should see references to all 4 Sata ports being found even if nothing is connected to them.

  alanrwood 30 Jan 13

If you dont have a motherboard manual maybe this is your version

Go to pages 1-24 and 2-17 for more info on the SATA connections.

You are not using RAID I suppose?

  alanrwood 30 Jan 13

For some reason the whole location has not copied as a link so cut and paste it complete into your browser.

  alanrwood 30 Jan 13

Really having a problem with this link. Go to Google and search for "asus m2n-mx manual".

On my machine it is the third link down and a double click takes me there.

If successful I would download it to your machine if you haven't got a hard copy.

  alanrwood 31 Jan 13

Thanks Lazarus, don't know where my problem was.


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