icons on taskbar

  murphyman 28 Oct 09

hi everyone, i installed windows 7 a few days ago, and everything is going fine with the exception of a few niggling problems, can someone tell me why i cant drag and drop icons on to the taskbar?
i would also like to delete some of the themes in windows seven if someone has any ideas i would appreciate them very much.

  buteman 29 Oct 09

If you right click the Icon it should give you the option of pinning it on to the Taskbar.

  murphyman 29 Oct 09

hi buteman,that would be the normal way to do it, but it dose'nt happen, this is my problem i drag and drop the icons but nothing happens

  buteman 29 Oct 09

Not sure then.
I tried it on mine and dragged it to the Taskbar and said drop but I never went through with it as I did not need it on the Taskbar.
Maybe try right clicking the Taskbar and pressing properties.Start Menu.Customize. And scroll down to Enable context menu's and dragging and dropping. Mine is ticked.But worth a look around to see if you can spot anything else that may be relevant.

  mfletch 29 Oct 09

Also right click on task-bar and see if its un-locked then try again


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