I want aero!!!

  jacksony 15:44 06 Oct 06

I have a Sony VGN-FS53B laptop with a Mobile Intel 910GML, 915 GM/GMS family chipset, which is not enough to handle Vista's aero experience.

I have contacted Sony and asked them whether or not they can upgrade my chipset and they said they can't.

As far as I know, chipsets are generally soldered onto something or other and so are very hard to replace by the average person.

My question is, is there any way I can upgrade my current laptop so that it can handle aero?

  ade.h 16:40 06 Oct 06

No. You would need a dedicated graphics card with, If I remember right, 256MB to run Aero Glass.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:24 06 Oct 06

In general the only internal parts of a laptop that can be upgraded are RAM and hard drive.

  ade.h 17:26 06 Oct 06

Certainly none of the motherboard components.

  Forum Editor 21:46 06 Oct 06

to a laptop motherboard. It won't work, and you may end up with no computer - never mind Vista aero. If Sony say it can't be done then it can't be done.

You can still enjoy the other Vista features.

  Totally-braindead 23:20 06 Oct 06

Have to agree with the others. It cannot be done I'm afraid.

  dave726587 19:12 07 Oct 06

GRRR this kind of thing makes me angry!!! :-(

  Input Overload 16:29 10 Oct 06

Why not give WindowBlinds a try? Its low on resources & you can at least have a Vista look-alike on XP, there are 100s of themes: click here

Screenshot of Vista type theme: click here

  jacksony 11:57 11 Oct 06

Grrrrrr - yeah, makes me angry too!

Thanks for the suggestion, Input, I will take a look at WindowBlinds. It does raise the question, if WindowBlinds can achieve an aero-effect without using much resources why does Vista need so much to do it?

  Input Overload 20:15 11 Oct 06

It is really only a look-alike but after doing some searching I have some great themes that can be changed with just a click without any overhead. WindowBlinds on my PC’s are totally stable. It wasn’t so stable a few years ago but now it’s great. I get quickly bored with the same desktop and WindowBlinds along with IconPackager suits me fine, a brilliant program, try it & you’ll be addicted!

  Kate B 15:35 12 Oct 06

Why does it make you angry? It's nobody's fault that your machine isn't up to Aero. Presumably at some point you'll be upgrading your machine so you'll be able to use Aero then.

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