I have a Virus..oh..No i don't

  pinnicat 18:06 PM 07 Mar 12

Running a Compaq on W7 and using MSE as my anti-viral. I picked up a virus that MSE detected, isolated and destroyed without much fuss. But every hour or so MSe kicks in unprompted and displays a meassge 'Early scans show you may have malicious software etc.' But the results show nothing. I have downed Malwarebytes and Spybot SnD and other than a bit of housekeeping there is nothing to report. MSE has just started itself AGAIN and the message is back. Any ideas guys? Thanks. Mik

  johndrew 09:35 AM 08 Mar 12

It could be the malware is also located in System Restore. To remove it you will need to turn it off to delete all Restore points, restart the PC and turn Restore back on. Look here for instructions.

  pinnicat 10:14 AM 08 Mar 12

Cheers John. I shall give that a try.

  pinnicat 18:34 PM 08 Mar 12

As well as here I also spoke to a friend in the know who has suggested that MSE is not what it used to be these days.I downed AVAST and now all seems good.


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