I can't write files to a 'READYSHARE' drive connected to Netgear Router

  Maundy 11 Nov 12

I have a Netgear DGND3300v2 router and have recently added a USB thumb drive as network storage for sharing files and backup. All works well EXCEPT I can't write to the READYSHARE drive from the host PC, a dialogue box says :"You need permission to perform this action". Accessing the Netgear Router setup > Storage shows that everyone has permission to read and write to the drive and right clicking the READYSHARE icon on the desktop READYSHARE>properties>Security Settings>Security tab also suggests that everyone has full permissions. Trying to Syncronise this drive returns a dialogue box: "Server said: Access is denied (error 5)". There is no problem writing to the USB drive if directly connected to the PC. Any resolution suggestions please?

  jamieamunra 12 Nov 12
  jamieamunra 12 Nov 12
  Maundy 12 Nov 12

Many thanks for pointing me towards this but I have trawled all of the way through and can't really see any relevence. I am running Win7 64 bit and do do have any problem identifying the Readyshare on my PC or indeed accessing any of the files stored on it across any of the PCs connected via the Netgear router. The only difficulty is that I have to remove the USB thumb drive from the router and connect directly to a PC to WRITE any files to it and then replace the USB drive back into the router. This necessary proceedure prevents me from (software)syncronising drives due to the dialogue "Server said: Access is denied (error 5)"

  jamieamunra 13 Nov 12

Do you have a Firewall on the PC? Did you try disabling the firewall ?


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