I cant get the updates to install on my new windows 7 laptop

  laptopdunce 07 Jan 13

I have a new Sony Vaio laptop and every time I log off there are 23 updates to install, it says "do not turn off computer, installing updates" but if I log on and off again even after 5 minutes all these 23 updates need to be installed, I have opened the control panel and chosen a different default time for the automatic updates but every time I log off these updates are showing but they never install - what can be wrong and how can I fix this? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 07 Jan 13

Yes, I dont take the power off the laptop as it is closing down and it goes through all of the 23/24 updates and then finally shuts down on its own and then when I start it up again, it comes on OK, but if I log off after even 5 minutes on the log off icon there is a little mark in the "shield" icon and then AGAIN I keep getting it showing 23/24 updates to install, I just cant figure it out as it takes a long time on logging off to go through all the list of updates till shutdown but they obviously have not installed if they show up when logging on and off again, just cant figure this out. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Nontek 07 Jan 13

Afraid I can't offer a solution, but I have noticed so many Win7 users having similar update problems, including myself, that I think there must be an inherent fault within Win7 regarding updates.

I turned off auto-updates.

  Nontek 07 Jan 13
  laptopdunce 07 Jan 13

By looking at what the updates actually are I found that they are for Microsoft office XP (which I dont have on this laptop) so I uncrossed the box for updates for Microsoft products on the control panel page for updates, then it downloaded the extra updates and said I am only receiving updates for Windows7, it shut down and then when it re-started it did complete the rest of the install process so I am hoping that I have done the right thing and it wont keep happening again, will be back if it does the same again when I log off, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  MrDigital01 15 Jan 13

I dont face any problems because every time the update remains successful. You can try to look the control panel and should have a look at the connections settings.

  lotvic 15 Jan 13

I'm beginning to think that MrDigital01 should check his own connection settings as from the majority of his posts he seems to think it is the answer to every problem. I feel duty bound to inform you: The Ultimate answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is 42.


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