Hw 2 get an intrusive message frm MS off desktop?

  Triprajul 30 Oct 09

How to get a intrusive and infuriating message from a Microsoft off my desktop?


Recently, I received this message from Miscosoft:

"You may be a victim of software counterfeiting. This copy of Windows did not pass genuine Windows validation."

This message is stuck on the bottem of my Desktop. Recently my computer totally crashed and the guys at the local computer shop fixed it. I strongly suspect that they put (Ha,HA) on a bootleg version of Windows. Shortly after I got my computer back, I clicked on a pop-up that said "Free upgrades for Windows" from MS but instead of free updates, I got the message from Bill. I spoke to the guys at the shop where my computer got fixed and told me that no one uses original software so don't worry about it and the message on my desktop was just a mild form of harrassment from Big Brother MS. Well, I don't like it. I feel that Bill and his friends have invaded my computer. Question: Besides buying the Real Windows OS (i.e., responding to this harrassment), is there any other way of getting this message off my desktop? Please note that I now know how to turn "Automative Upsets" reminders completely off but I am stuck with that infuriating message on my desktop right now. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  rdave13 30 Oct 09

Validate your OS using the key that's usually on a sticker underneath the laptop. Bill only harasses people who steal his property.

  rdave13 30 Oct 09

Start- control panel- system and scroll down to activate Vista. If the key is different to the one on your laptop then change it and activate.

  rdave13 30 Oct 09

Oops, it only shows the ID after activating (not the key) so try to activate first.

  Strawballs 31 Oct 09

I would report the guys at your local computer shop to Bill as I bet they charged you for the OS in the first place.

  Forum Editor 31 Oct 09

by the people in your local computer shop; they installed an illegal copy of Windows.

For any business to tell a customer that "no one uses original software" is a disgrace, and it's certainly not true. If I was in your position I would be absolutely furious, and would be back in the shop first thing on Monday morning, asking for my money back. If Microsoft discovered what they were doing they would be getting a lawyer's letter through the door.

There's nothing you can do to validate the software as it stands - you'll need to contact Microsoft to buy a validation key.

  Bob The Blob 02 Nov 09

I'm guessing Triprajul has actually installed the illegal copy himself but is using the fictional computer shop as an excuse...


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