HTML file.

  Linkslade 12:52 PM 27 Nov 12

Hi, Downloaded Windows 8 compatibility summary which is an HTML file and found it would not open in firefox. Browsed but it wouldn't open in any other programme.

Any advice welcome.

  Linkslade 15:16 PM 27 Nov 12

Hi Dr yes,

Thanks for your reply. Tried downloading it in IE. It was still in HTML and wouldn't open.

  Forum Editor 16:53 PM 28 Nov 12

Any HTML file should open in any browser. HTML is the universal language of the Internet.

I'm slightly puzzled that you had to 'download' the summary - it should appear on your screen when you run the compatibility advisor on your computer.

  Linkslade 18:10 PM 28 Nov 12

Sorry FE I should've been more explicit.

Clicking on the Summary file I saw that 39 items were compatible and 12 required reviewing. Assuming I'd be able to review the 12 I clicked the blued out words 'Compatible details' below and up popped file not found Firefox can't find the file at /C:/users/administrators/downloads/detailedreport html.

  Linkslade 20:43 PM 28 Nov 12

Hi Dr yes,

Thanks for your reply and advice. Got to go out atm.

Will act it tomorrow and report back.

  Linkslade 09:09 AM 29 Nov 12

Hi dr yes,

I am the administrator and the only user of the PC.

Unfortunately I do not get to stage 2 when clicking on the link. I get the purple download assistant page but not the one below. The page I see is the one described above in my reply to the FE.

I'm inclined to take all this as some sort of omen and stick with Vista.

Thanks for your help.

  Linkslade 20:43 PM 29 Nov 12

Hi again dr yes,

I've taken on board your comments regarding UAC and will try this should I go down that route. I also take your point re a clean install and favour this over an upgrade.

Thanks again.


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