hp and windows 8

  clackyjock33 16 Nov 12

i have an old HP descktop PC and have been trying for ages to get W8 running on it.i read on this forum that its impossible,is this true,have already bought W8,

  aquatarkus 16 Nov 12


A few more details on the spec of the HP computer would be helpful. Like model number the CPU, installed memory and hard drive size would be a good starting point.

Is there an operating system already installed if so what one XP?

have you used the Windows upgrade advisor or have you just brought a Win8 upgrade DVD and stuck it in the drive, if so do you get any error messages. Unable to help much further without more information, just saying an old HP desktop is not much to go on.

Regards Aquatarkus

  clackyjock33 18 Nov 12

its hp pc inte(R)Celeron(R)CPU 2.80GHz 2.80GHz 32bit OS,x64based process.RAM 1.00GB.Itwas XP that was on the PC.Now Windows PRO.I downloaded it from the web

  aquatarkus 18 Nov 12

do you have win8 installed on it as your title suggests that you have tried to install but couldn't. Did you get any error messages during the installation. 1gig of ram could be a problem, did you run the windows 8 upgrade advisor prior to downloading Win8?



  clackyjock33 18 Nov 12

yes win8 installed.yes run the upgrade advisor.no error messages

  aquatarkus 18 Nov 12

ok then so what issues are you experiencing. slow running, apps not working black screen of death.. need some info if to help you


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