HP G6093 EA DVD icon & drivers missing

  mousee 23:35 PM 14 Sep 11

As above, the icon and drivers are missing from my sons HP G6093 EA, I've looked everywhere and tried everything, including going into regedit, can anyone help please?

  Graphicool1 21:46 PM 16 Sep 11

Check that your HP driver details are correct and you can get a driver...CLICK HERE

  Graphicool1 21:47 PM 16 Sep 11

Failing this do a 'System Restore' back to before they went missing.

  mousee 23:31 PM 16 Sep 11

Thanks folks, I've tried searching for the drivers and downloading them but the CD/DVD will still not work, I've also tried doing a system restore several times but it refuses to complete it, this afternoon, I did a full reinstall and this did nothing, the CD/DVD is still not visible and now, none of the USB ports will work, the machine is three years old and my son is never off it, so I reckon it's had plenty of use and been very good value for money, if it's knackered, so be it, I can't complain, maybe have to bite the bullet and get a new one.




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