How to run Steam on a limited account

  Pastie2k 16 Oct 12

My son's account was limited, but after I installed Steam for him, he had to use "Run as" and then get me to enter my Admin account details so that he could run it. This was getting tedious so I changed his account to an Admin type. Is there a way to put his account back to Limited (Family Safety will then work again) and still run Steam without using "Run as" and me entering details every time?

  northumbria61 16 Oct 12

You need to share the program - this is how you do it in Vista. enter link description here

  northumbria61 16 Oct 12

For Windows 7 - enter link description here

When you download and install a program it normally gives you an option to install for current user OR all users. Look out for that option in the future.

  Pastie2k 17 Oct 12

I did install it for "all users", he has the shortcut on his desktop. When he tries to use Steam (obtained from on his limited account it didn't work, but if we use "run as" and enter my admin details it works fine. So i changed his account to admin type and Steam works fine, only problem with him having an admin account is Microsoft Family Safety doesn't work now. I'm after a solution as to how to use Steam on a limited account without me entering my admin details every time.

  northumbria61 17 Oct 12

Try right click on the shortcut on desktop - properties - security - under Group or User Names change permissions to give FULL control.

  rdave13 18 Oct 12

Can you edit the account to allow steam? Anything here?


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