How to remove scamware

  Chitterlow 04 Feb 12

A few days ago an annoying window appears both in firefox and Internet explorer as soon as they are opened. As it jazzes up and down in a most annoying way, it is telling me that I am today's winner of an Iphone. Clicking on the x button or the "no" button doesn't close the window, instead it tries to take you to a site called "" which fortunately my security program blocks. How can I get rid of this? Where does the initializing software reside?

  lotvic 05 Feb 12

First try this:

Clear all your Cookies and delete your browsing history and tick the box 'Stop popup windows'. Close your browsers and shut your pc down and reboot.

Post back if you need more help.

What antivirus program and antimalware/spyware do you have on pc? Do full scans with them to check for any problems.

Download and install SpywareBlaster from one of the links on this page

it will not conflict with any of your other programs, it is free you just have to do manual updates of it's database. All you need do is each week check for updates manually. This will stop most malware/spyware from being able to invade your pc in the first place (it is not a replacement for your other antivirus anti malware/spyware progs)

  lotvic 05 Feb 12

This page tells you more about Free SpywareBlaster, a lot of us on pca forum use the program.

  slatwater 13 Feb 12

It is a scam popup window,use prize to deceive people,right, very annoying, try some tech steps to avoid and remove this annoyance.

  Chitterlow 26 Feb 12

I've solved this problem now. The offending pop up seems to resided in Incredimail's "My Start" page, which Incredimail does it's best to make your home page. Because of this I've now uninstalled Incredimail, and to make sure I've got rid of it I've re-installed Windows. A shame about Incredimail as I used to be very fond of it and never had any problem before.

Thanks to all you good people out there who have tried to help me.

  lotvic 27 Feb 12

Wonder if it is related to advert.

It's been removed from PCA now (should not have been allowed) but pca would not be the only website that they had their scam advert on.


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