How to Remove fonts from Ribbon in Word 2010

  palinka 16 Oct 12

I help a blind user of Windows. She works for a charity in an office environment and I sit beside her to dictate what she has to type. She has recently had to upgrade to Windows 7 and as a result she now has Word 2010 instead of 2000, or maybe it was 2003.

The most annoying feature of Word 2010 is the so-called "Ribbon". It shows every font installed in Word and we don't want to see any of them (my blind colleague cannot see them anyway) - what is more, it takes up a lot of space. Is there a way of removing all those fonts from the Ribbon?

  Pine Man 16 Oct 12

The fonts don't show in the Word 2010 ribbon apart from the one you are using. I think you might mean the styles, which do take up about half of the ribbon but I'm sorry I don't know how to disable them.

  palinka 16 Oct 12

Yes , sorry, should have said Styles; has anyone a solution to removing them from view?

  Pine Man 16 Oct 12

Found it.

Open Word and select Options from the File Tab.

Select Customize Ribbon.

Highlight Styles in the right hand window then click on Remove.

Et viola! It's gone.

  palinka 16 Oct 12

You're a genius. thank you VERY much.


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