How To Format Hard Disk Before Installing Beta

  Vimal 14 Aug 09

Currenttly running Xp with all updates.
First HDisk split into 2 40gb drives
Second HDisk is a 40gb. All my documents are not on the system drive.

Downloaded Beta and tried to install but came up a message that I can not upgrade.

How to I format the Hard drive before installing the Beta?


  Strawballs 14 Aug 09

If you use RC1 you can install from within XP.

I did.

  Vimal 15 Aug 09


What do you mean from within XP?

Do I do a custom install? Will that wipe XP which is fine by the way!

  Strawballs 15 Aug 09

I put the win 7 disc in while I was running XP and it auto ran I chose the install and it told me that I could not upgrade from XP and that I would loose all my data, I clicked OK and it formatted and installed.

  Devil Fish 16 Aug 09

a couple of ways

1 you could wipe the drive totally using click here

NOTE make sure you back up any data you need to keep

2 run win 7 install when the option to upgrade or clean install comes up go for clean install and it should create a back up folder of your data called windows old which should be a backup of your data files but dont leave it to chance.

again Make sure you back up any data you need to keep

  Strawballs 18 Aug 09

I got the windows old file which I used to restore favourites etc.

  Vimal 25 Aug 09

Thanks for your help.

Windows 7 beta installed and working.
So far so good.
Some issues with software for Nokia 6220c and other XP software which was supposed to work!

Will update when issues resolved.

Thanks Again


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