How do you remove ad.yieldmanager to stop popus

  Bruz 12 Jun 12

Bruz I have tried all the tools I can find to remove the popup carrier I have searched all files even the hidden ones and I cannot find it on my PC but it keeps popping up. Has anyone got any ideas.

  difarn 12 Jun 12

If you are using Internet Explorer try:-

a) Open Internet Explorer

b) Under File menu, click Tools

c) Scroll down to click Internet Options.

d) Click Privacy

e) Sites: type in

f) Click Block.

g) Click Ok and ok again.

Restart Internet Explorer and check again.

  Bruz 12 Jun 12


Thanks for your input, I use firefox and I have done what you said already, I have opted out of ad.yieldmanger and used three different anti virus scanners. I have zone alarm and avg, I have tried every single method that I have read of on the Internet, all to no avail. It just keeps on coming.

  lotvic 12 Jun 12

In Firefox > Options > Content, have you ticked the box for 'Block popup windows'

  lotvic 12 Jun 12

as it is a Cookie, have you cleared them and History out? Did you follow steps on ClickHere and also Here

  difarn 12 Jun 12

Do you have Adblock Plus installed together with an ad-blocking subscriptions such as Easy List?

Adblock Plus

Easy List

If you haven't already got these installed then you may be able to create a filter to block this pernicious malware.


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