How do I use the in Windows 7 Home PremiumGet Image Icon

  Dekka123 08 Aug 11

I have only just installed Win 7 and as I was experimenting I clicked on the hidden Icons in the task bar and I found the get image icon. I have no idea how to use it or where the images go. I am assuming it is a capture device. Could anyone help please.

  gengiscant 08 Aug 11

I have not come across this and I have been using Windows 7 for quite a while now. These hidden icons, where are they? and what does this get image icon look like?

  Dekka123 08 Aug 11

gengiscant Thanks very much for your reply. The hidden icons are on the task bar and the arrow then points you to hidden icons. A window pops up and this icon is in that wingow. I then dragged it onto the task bar and the icon is a camera and when you put the cursor over it it says camera get images. Clicking on it does nothing and if you right click it a list of resolutions come up. Hope I have explained it clearly. Thanks again.

  Lindburgh 08 Aug 11

By left clicking and dragging the individual icon onto the Taskbar in Win 7 Pro places the Icon next to the speaker/date/etc icons Does that help

  gengiscant 09 Aug 11

I certainly know where you are talking about but I do not have the icon of which you post, I am wondering if it has anything to do with your graphics card as you mention it shows a list of resolutions when you right click on it?

  ams4127 09 Aug 11

It more than likely refers to a webcam, if you have one.


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