How do I recover deleted pictures not held in recycle bin

  Lawford 17:04 21 Sep 14

I inadvertently deleted a picture folder. It did not appear in the Recycle Bin. Which of the many shareware programmes are friendly to a novice? I'm using Windows 7 on a PC. Larry

  Epirb406 18:48 21 Sep 14

Many moons ago I got pointed towards Campicrestor on this site and it was fabulous.

If a web search doesn't help, let me know and I think can track it down on my PC and I can let you have it.

All the best 'pirb.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:14 21 Sep 14

CampicRestor click here

  rdave13 20:27 21 Sep 14

*Fruit Bat /\0/* , thanks for that. I remember Woodchip bringing it up to our attention many years ago.

Lawford , be aware that you will need another harddrive with a destination folder to run Campic. It will, or can, run for a long time and will pick up ALL images on your PC even those in your temp folders and those long ago deleted if not written over.

  wee eddie 22:01 21 Sep 14

First, any use of your PC risks overwriting the lost files.

Secondly: download Recuva, by the same people who do CCleaner, onto another PC, put it on a stick and run it from there.

  Nontek 20:53 22 Sep 14


You do not need another hard-drive to run CampicRestor - I got my CampicRestor from a Disc on a Digital Photo Magazine years ago and have been using it for years (even pre-Woodchip).

I used to include my own Full Instructions, within these Forums, for running the program - worked every time!

After downloading CampicRestor (hereafter DIR) save a shortcut to your Desktop - Name the Shortcut Digital Image Recovery. On the Desktop make a New Folder and name it DIR, then make sure that your new DIR Folder is shown as the DESTINATION for the recovered images when running the program.

You can even Open the DIR Folder while the program is running to see recovered images appearing - you can Cancel the process at any time and all recovered images up to that time will show in your DIR Folder.

As most of your know, I have not always been known as Nontek!!

  Nontek 20:54 22 Sep 14

Sorry - meant to say Hi to all at the beginning.

  Lawford 15:02 07 Oct 14

Thanks everyone for admirable advice. Actually too good. CampicRestor found over 15 000 items ! I'm still working through the list.

Thanks again.

  BRYNIT 20:01 07 Oct 14

To save the hassle of trying to recover deleted files always keep a backup copy on an external hard drive or flash drive

  Gordon Freeman 20:13 07 Oct 14

BRYNIT: Isn't that a classic case of shutting the stable door, etc?

I also lost photos on my stand alone e drive I was trying to update my TV and had to use a USB stick which had to be formated unforthcoming l selected e drive now lost 100s photos is it possible to retrieve them ?

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