How do I open Works database documents in Windows7

  twicklad 11:30 AM 23 Jan 12

I have documents created in Works 7 Database. Is there any conversion means to open them in Windows7 ? I have found a Microsoft site offering conversion software but only up to Vista.

  difarn 12:04 PM 23 Jan 12

Have a look at this article explaining how to convert a Works document into a Word document.

  mgmcc 13:07 PM 24 Jan 12

Do you still have the installation disk for Works 7?

My Xmas Card list is still in a Works 7 database file and the Works suite does run in Windows 7. Alternatively, if you still have Works in an old PC, the Data file can be saved as a CSV delimited text file and then opened in any spreadsheet application.

  twicklad 17:50 PM 05 Mar 12

Thanks for the response but another problem. I successfully loaded Works 8 on 3 Windows7 laptops and the database autmatically became the default for my old .wdb files on 2 of them. The 3rd will not permit Works to be a default but persists on allocating Word. Works 8 functions normally in other respects

  mgmcc 20:29 PM 05 Mar 12

"The 3rd will not permit Works to be a default but persists on allocating Word."

Right click the .WDB file, select "Open with" and then "Choose default program...". If it's there, select "Microsoft Works Database" and tick the box "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file".

If "Microsoft Works Database" isn't there, browse to:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Works\wksdb.exe [for Windows 7 32-bit]

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Works\wksdb.exe [for Windows 7 64-bit]


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