how do I change where a digital camera download is saved

  Aeron09 12 Jul 12

I have a Lenovo B5 series Idea Centre all-in-one with Windows 7. I downloaded videos from my digital camera and do not know where they are. Is there some way that I can change where they are saved to? I can vaguely remember when I first downloaded videos a window appeared asking where I wanted to save them and I cannot remember where I said ok to. Can some computer savvy person tell me where this is and how to change it?

  mooly 12 Jul 12

Try clicking the "libraries" button (in the task bar) and see if the files are in "videos".

With W7 you probably have Windows Live Essentials Photo Gallery installed. Open that and make sure "all photos and videos" are selected in left hand column. Again see if you can locate your files. If you can see them you can right click them and on the "general" tab you will see the file location (where it is).

As to where the files go by default. I would have to try it as I always always :) use the "browse files" option rather than having W7 automatically import stuff.

Maybe try a test file with just one video on your camera at a time so you can see what happens and how to change it.

  Aeron09 13 Jul 12

Mooly, Thanks for your help. I eventually found where they went after using a test video. They went into `Data - Local - Temp folder. from where I could transfer them to the video folder.

  mooly 13 Jul 12

Pleased to hear you have found them.


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