? How to - Change what file level Win Explorer opens at, pls

  AroundAgain 04 Nov 11


Using Win Vista Home Premium

When I open Windows Explorer, the Drive tree, displayed in the left-hand pane, (sorry, don't know what else to call it) is always at Start Menu, showing the Program folders below, ie next level, so I need to go up 6 levels to find my account folder in C:\ drive, or to unexpand the tree. This is just so tedious to do every time.

Is it possible to change how the tree is displayed when I go to Explorer, please?

I would like it to display C:\ or my account in that drive as the default whenever I open Win Explorer as they are the places I usually need to be at.

Easy steps, pleasee ;)

Thanks for any help.

  BRYNIT 04 Nov 11

Why not just create a shortcut direct to the folder from your desktop.

  AroundAgain 04 Nov 11

Hi Brynit

Yes, I do have shortcuts but I still go via Win Explorer depending on what I need to do. Thanks, though. Shortcuts are very useful and it could have been that was a good solution.

... so, my question still stands ...

Hopefully, someone knows if and how one can change this default???


  AroundAgain 04 Nov 11

Brynit, Having said that, maybe a shortcut to C:\ itself would suffice, if I can't find out how to change the default display. I hadn't thought of that, so yes, your suggestion has helped trigger some further thought :)

  AroundAgain 06 Nov 11

Thanks very much for this link, Beta. I found it very helpful that the article explained why it opens in Start Menu if right clicking on Start.

So, in essence, Brynit, your suggestion of making a shortcut amounts to the same.

I have now edited a WinExplorer shortcut and put in the TaskBar, opening at the level I prefer.

Thanks to both of you, very much, for your help.

I will 'Tick' Beta's link as the solution, only because it gives more information/explanation.


  AroundAgain 08 Nov 11

Hi folks

Ive just discovered that WinKey+E does exactly what I would like, ie opens the whole collapsed tree. So, now I have two options - the shortcut, as suggested by both Brynit and Beta, and the WinKey+E, both giving slightly different displays but both good.

Brilliant!!! Cheers


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