Help!, what is this file

  spanishmike 17:34 27 Nov 13


Have just noticed (!) a file on the root called @date@, 69 Gb, created a year ago with no modifications, any idea what this is ?

  xania 09:33 28 Nov 13

What is the extension of the file name?

  spanishmike 13:48 28 Nov 13

Nothing in my computer as far as partition is concerned, the "File" doesn't have an extension, file is a year old and I've had the computer 3 years.

  lotvic 20:05 28 Nov 13

69 Gb are you sure it's that big? 69 Gigabytes ?

  wee eddie 20:45 28 Nov 13

Does you PC display "File Extensions" at the present?

  rdave13 21:46 28 Nov 13

What software do you use for incremental backups or otherwise? What does it show when you right click and select properties?

Give us a clue.

  spanishmike 08:35 29 Nov 13


Having mentioned backup and after some digging I remembered that I had tried Acronis True Image software, having looked to restore a backup from there it shows the date as the same as the creation date of the file and the path c:\@date@, I no longer use this software and use windows backups to an external drive, thank you for your input and apologies for being dense

  xania 08:48 29 Nov 13

Please tick as resolved

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