Help : Uploading pics to Facebook

  kenny55 11:56 AM 24 Mar 13

Hi, prior to windows 8 it has been very simple to upload pics to FB, following same procudure since Windows 8 they will not upload.On FB i request upload pic, i then go onto my photo's, request which one i want, go back to FB,uploading pic, then it doesn't come through. What am i doing wrong ?? Thanks Carolyn ps why is Windows 8 soooo difficult,, but i perserver..

  rdave13 19:53 PM 24 Mar 13

Have a look here. I don't use Facebook so haven't tried the app. Let us know how you get on with it.

  Woolwell 13:02 PM 26 Mar 13

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  Woolwell 13:06 PM 26 Mar 13

You don't have to use the app. You can open Facebook in your browser.

  rdave13 23:26 PM 26 Mar 13

My partner has the same issue on Farcebook on Windows 7. Now if I reduce the size using MS Paint it has a much better chance of uploading. I was thinking the App might be doing the same 'reducing of size' automatically. Let us know if it helps. I've also reduced the size of the image taken with the camera as that seems to help.

Either it's your 'uploading' speed or Farcebook's servers that is at fault.

On my partner's laptop I can upload images to Photobucket without size reduction, so it might well be Facebook at fault.

They seem to point at Flash Player not being up to date in their help section?


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