Help please with Windows Pictures/Libraries ... all pics look the same

  RozWoolcock 20:32 14 May 14

I have just had a new Windows 7 installed on my computer that previously ran XP.

All has gone well and I soon found my way around, still more to find.

When I open the Pictures Libraries all pictures show the same (one of the pics from the Sample Pictures). When I click on a picture to open it, it does, and then looks like the picture I saved. This applies to all the sample pictures as well.

This makes trying to see which picture is which impossible. I'm fairly sure it wasn't like this at first but have no idea what has happened (what I might have done) or how to cure it.

Any help greatly appreciated as I use pictures a lot both for eBay, to send to friends, save in my Photobucket and in forums.

Many thanks

  wee eddie 20:49 14 May 14

What you have in a Library is just shortcuts to the original, which remains where you filed it.

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