Help for having Desktop start & Start Menu in 8 if possible

  Audio~~Chip 09 May 13

As above.

Well, now I am lost. I have searched and unable to find the result in the forum to work this out.

Is it possible to be able to Boot into windows 8 Desktop Screen. How to please

Also, is it possible to bring back the or a Start menu to the bottom left like the older windows

Now being cheeky, is it possible to have a Shutdown button on the desktop

Really appreciate any guidance and help with the above.


  Forum Editor 10 May 13

In reverse order:

To create a shutdown button... Right click in an empty space on the Desktop, go to New and click on Shortcut.

Type the following text in the location field:- shutdown /s /t 0 and click Next. (The zero after the 't' means the shutdown will be immediate, if you want a short delay just replace it with the number of seconds to wait.)The shortcut name will appear as shutdown.exe. Click Finish.

The shortcut will appear on your desktop. Right click on it, and go to Properties. Now click on 'Change Icon'.

Select the square red icon with the power switch symbol.

Now you can shut down without all the palaver.

is it possible to bring back the or a Start menu to the bottom left like the older windows

Click here

Is it possible to be able to Boot into windows 8 Desktop Screen.

See the link above.

  sunnystaines 10 May 13

there is no start menu, but w8 can run it here from the task bar saving the use of 3rd party software.

follow the following steps 1. Right click empty section of the taskbar 2. Click toolbars 3. new toolbar 4. Click empty section of the address bar 5. Type C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu 6. Press enter 7. Click “select folder” button lower screen 8. Click toolbar arrows to open

  Forum Editor 10 May 13

"Now W/8 is coming up with a big update reported to be next month"

The update will not be released next month - it will be available towards the end of the year.

  Audio~~Chip 10 May 13

Hello Forum Editor & Thank U for the instruction! Yes I stumbled on the info re a major update to put back the Start Menu and things.

I did try the Iobit download but when i came to run it, i got a error straight away as if it was a empty file (might have been my end?)

Also Thank You! to Lazurus The 2nd, I used the Powershell programe and it did both put back the Start Menu & change the boot to the desktop. Excellent little tool !

Also Thank You to Jock1e & SunnyStaines they are all valuable & handy to know.



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