help with hard drive security

  mixtupjack 22:14 12 May 15

have kids and i would like 2 set up my usb hardrives in the following ways 1 that kids can play music or read files 2 alowed 2 copy itams 3 not able 2 delete or format but can add files 2 hd is their any softwere that i cab use 2 to this please

  wee eddie 11:23 13 May 15

A little punctuation would make your posting slightly more understandable

  mixtupjack 23:08 13 May 15

sorry for being didlecsic i nead pc help not a writing lessons

  wee eddie 23:45 13 May 15

So which 2 is a 2 and which 2 is a 'to'

  wee eddie 13:29 14 May 15

The simple solution is to make yourself the "Administrator" and protect that Account with a Password.

Then give each Child their own Account and suggest that each of them Password Protects their own Account.

As it has been known for Youngsters to forget their password, quite frequently, it might make sense to suggest to them that they get your spouse, or their Grandmother, to keep a copy of their password.

  wee eddie 15:44 14 May 15

If you are dyslexic, as I am, take trouble with the writing of your Text.

Use a word processor, or scrap paper, to create you initial question or answer. Then Copy & Paste it into the Thread, and always use the Spell Checker.

It is so important that your Reader can understand what you are asking and also that you remove all possibilities of misunderstanding.

Incidentally, I have found that using a pencil is, for some reason, easier than a pen or Biro, and scrap paper, easier than a pristine sheet!

  rdave13 22:51 14 May 15

mixtupjack , I don't think what you are asking is possible.

Food for thought, keep your external drives physically private. No access to the children. Buy them each their own to destroy or look after, LOL. My suggestions would be This hard drive. Free delivery if buying more than one.

Buy caddies for the drives to connect to PC. click here.

£48 tops for two children. That means your drives are out of bounds and the children can make their own mistakes on their own drives.

  rdave13 23:03 14 May 15

Just thought of an added bonus doing it that way. Each child can keep its own drive in its own bedroom and no chance of any quarrelling of any misdemeanours.... hopefully.

You never know with children though.

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