Heart stopping moments - was I losing Windows 8?

  Podracer 29 Mar 13

A panic tonight - but with a happy ending so far - but it made me very nervous. I turned on my W8 computer (HP Touchsmart with i5/6GB RAM/2TB HDD/ separate graphics card), and it started to give me a series of messages along the lines of "Preparing for first use - installing drivers - installing apps - almost there etc - all against an ever changing W8 series of backgrounds. In fact, exactly the same as it did (quite correctly) when I installed W8 three months ago. Then the screen went blank, and all that was visible was a mouse pointer that I could move. After an agonized wait, I shut the computer down by holding down the power button. It politely told me "Shutting down". I then turned it on again, and W8 loaded quickly and correctly with no delays or messages, and all programs, documents etc were exactly as I had left them yesterday. What happened - why did the computer give every indications that it was starting from scratch? As an aside, I downloaded quite a lot of W8 updates a couple of days ago, but had used the computer since then. Any thoughts - not sure my blood pressure can stand this again !! Thanks in anticipation.

  rdave13 30 Mar 13

It could have been that your profile wasn't loading properly but did the second time. Hopefully it's a one off.

I would create a local admin account, call it something like maintenance, just as a backup, if anything goes wrong.

  Podracer 04 Apr 13

rdave - been away for a while, and only just seen your reply - thanks for taking the trouble to respond. I'll try your suggestion, but also keep my fingers crossed that it was a one off glitch.


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