have now been offered vista SP2...

  AL47 14:22 PM 02 Aug 09

are there still issues with longer boot times?

if so im not installing it!

for those that have it are there also any real life differences? speed, features, etc, or is this all under the hood,

i am aware it has had mixed reaction and isnt as major as SP1

  Ventad 17:04 PM 02 Aug 09

I have not had trouble with SP2, infact since installing it and after a few days IE8 started to fly along it seemed to take the bugs out that IE8 appeared to have (slow page opening etc)

  Woolwell 17:05 PM 02 Aug 09

Haven't noticed any major differences at all.

  Pine Man 17:07 PM 02 Aug 09

If anything I found my Vista faster after SP2 but then I loaded Windows 7 - roll on 22nd October!!

  jakimo 20:33 PM 02 Aug 09

All the bugs seem to be sorted,and it does run faster

  sunnystaines 01:24 AM 03 Aug 09

ie8 does seem faster, no seen any other improvment


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