Graphics For Vista

  Narayan Adhikari 18:36 19 Feb 07

I have got PIII 900 MHz eMachine Desktop which's got 512 mb ram (Upgraded) and 40GB HDD. What's the minimum specs of Graphics card that I have to upgrade to so that I can Run Vista with Aero. Minimum possible for cost issues.
Your suggestions are appreciated in advance.

  Kate B 19:47 19 Feb 07

I'd up the RAM to 1GB, as well.

  pk46 20:51 19 Feb 07

I have a Brio 8 years old the most you can do with the SD Ram is upgrade to the maximum the MOBO can take that is 512MB i wish i could do what Kate B said but not with these old boys.
The graphics card i have a ATI Rage Pro but will only work in 2D graphics via standard driver will not work with the Vista driver black screen and three dots top right of sceen can not run any screen savers other than Windows logo.

  D.G,E 23:03 19 Feb 07

What is your agp slot 2x 4x 8x you could upgrade your card AGP are cheap and cheefull now that PCI express is the leader of the pack :)

you could also check out ati's site to see if there is a vista driver download but maybe not.

and to Narayan Adhikari i would add another HDD with about 160 gig or a 80 gig would be fine and as Kate B says up the ram to 1 gig and the graphics has to be direct x, and a 128 bit of ram onboard cards dont work with areo.

  pk46 17:19 21 Feb 07

Card is 2X i can find nothing For Vista in the driver download,the fault with the old Brio is it VERY FUSSY what graohic card it will work with i have three old graphic cards but puttimg them in on the Brio the system becomes unstable i think this may be due to a voltage problem but i've no proof of this.
A HDD above 120gb IS A NO NO as the bios can't recognize above Windows default,no bios updates available

  Bailey08787 17:26 21 Feb 07

for the price of vista, you'd probably be better off spending a few hundred quid on a system that comes with vista, rather than trying to run it on your (no offense) poor spec machine.

  pk46 19:21 21 Feb 07

I just keep the Brio going for fun my present computer is a 64bit processor 2GB RAM AMD 64 3.8.

  Kate B 19:24 21 Feb 07

No need to SHOUT!

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