Graphics card Not Compatible

  Mike@#36 23 Oct 09

I currently have XP Media Centre and have run the W7 upgrade advisor which has reported than my Graphics card is not compatible with W7, and this a computer that is only 2 years old?

Is this a show stopper in terms of me installing W7 or is it a case of having to find a card that is compatible - sounds pricey to me.

What graphics card do you currently have? The upgrade advisor may just be detecting that your current graphics drivers wont be compatible. If you check the graphics card manufacturer website, you may find some Windows 7 drivers.

Also, if you're running XP, Microsoft (and myself) recommend a clean install rather than trying an upgrade.

  john bunyan 23 Oct 09

Same here, but the check said only for the Aero feature. I have a 3 year old nVidia 7800GTX and am hoping it will be ok , as it is with my existing Media Centre edition. I assume the Aero feature is not vital? I thought of having a dual boot system for a while as I have a 2nd slave HD.

Here's the 32-bit Windows 7 driver for your card click here#

And the 64-bit driver, click here

Aero should work fine with a 7800GTX in Windows 7.

  john bunyan 23 Oct 09

Thanks - thinking of the 64 bit.
Mike@#36 Sorry - did not mean to hijack your thread!

  Mike@#36 23 Oct 09

That's OK, it's looking as if the so called problem may be solvable. Just need to check exactly which card I have - think it's an nVIDEA.

  Mike@#36 23 Oct 09

Just checked my Graphics card and it's an NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE

NVIDEA have a driver checker so might give that a go.

  Kevscar1 23 Oct 09

32bit driver here

click here

  Mike@#36 23 Oct 09

Thanks, that's the driver the checker took me to so it looks like I can install windows 7 after all. It also showed that my current XP driver was out of date so I've updated that whilst I was at it. The upgrade adviser still states the graphics device is not suitable though? However it also states one of my printers is not compatible although the compatibility web site they have states it is ?? not sure I trust this upgrade advisor too much.

  tigertop2 23 Oct 09

I have a Nvidia 7600 GT card that was around at the same time as the 7300 and it works OK with W7. The new OS seems pretty smart at finding drivers


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