Graphics Adapter not windows 7 compatible

  AlanMac55 16:53 20 Oct 09

I have an Acer Travelmate 2420 laptop and according to the Windows 7 upgrade advisor the Graphic Adapter in not capable of running Aero graphics.
Two questions 1/ Is it possible to install/upgrade to a compatible graphics adapter 2/ Would Windows 7 work if I didn't or can't upgrade. Sadly, I got no response from Acer.

  bremner 17:44 20 Oct 09

1. No the graphics are a chip soldered onto the motherboard.

2. Probably.

However the specification of the 2420 is very low and unless you have at least 1GB of RAM I would not bother putting W7 on it.

  AlanMac55 12:04 01 Nov 09

Thanks for the advice. I think new laptop is going to be on my christmas wish list

  gazzaho 12:17 02 Nov 09

I have a Toshiba Satellite P100-188 with 1GB Ram and Windows 7 is installed and working fine, to be honest it's running faster than XP did, but that could be down to the clean and clutter free new installation. The advisor said exactly the same as yours. Windows 7 will work but the Glass look, and the "peek at desktop" feature will be disabled, that's all.

I agree with bremner, less than 1GB Ram would be perhaps pushing it a little. but upgrading to more Ram would be a lot cheaper perhaps than a new laptop.

  pjwheeldon 13:24 02 Nov 09

I have a 512mb 4850 running in a desktop with everything else up to spec. I tried the W7 Upgrade Advisor and was also told my card was not capable of running Aero. On checking with the manufactuer though they advised they saw no performance issue with Aero, so may be a glitch in the Update Advisor itself.

  gazzaho 16:15 02 Nov 09

Just to clarify, I should have said that My notebook runs Windows 7 but with Aero disabled, the Graphics card on my machine is a NVIDIA GeForce GO 7600 with the Windows 7 driver for it downloaded from Toshiba's site.

NVIDIA may have a Windows 7 driver for the notebook on their site which allows the card to work with Aero, I haven't checked yet as I'm still setting things up on it and I don't want to change things until I've got it sorted and made a full disk backup.

  gazzaho 18:18 02 Nov 09

I have to update my last comment Aero does work on my machine! For some reason the installation routine had it switched off, I just tried enabling it by selecting one of the Aero themes and the glass affect and Aero Peek now work.

pjwheeldon it seems you are correct when you said there might be a glitch with the advisor program, without your input I would have accepted my notebook couldn't run aero, thanks.

  AlanMac55 21:27 20 Nov 09

Thank you all for the advice. I took the plunge and loaded windows 7. Works very well indeed. No aero but thas not a problem. Put it on my desktop too. Has made networking and sharing files a breeze!

  rdave13 23:30 20 Nov 09

If you installed W7 on laptop then that's fine. If you also installed on desktop, without another licence key, then that's not so good.
One of them will be activated, the other not.

  AlanMac55 15:23 21 Nov 09

I threw caution to the wind and bought two copies.

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