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  minilite 28 Jan 13

i used to be able to type on the main google page witout it keep moving to another google inset to the left of this page ,how do i get it back to how it was

  difarn 28 Jan 13

I believe that if you sign in to iGoogle you can alter your preferences to return to Google Classic - whether this solves the problem I am unsure.

I use a version of the Google homepage that does not require me to sign in to anything and which does not have the annoying suggestions box. The URL is If you want this as your home page then you need to set it as such - Tools - Set Home page as and put in the URL.

This definitely allows you to type in your searches in the middle of the page.

  minilite 28 Jan 13

difarn Thank you for coming back, but i believe that i have the classic view,my problem seems be to be that i cannot type into the main google line in the centre of the page ,as soon as i start to type it brings up another google search line up to the left of the page and enters what i type into that. It used to accept type in the main google search line

  SillBill 28 Jan 13

Try this:

"That seems like it is Google Instant. It's a Search feature. You can turn it off. Sign in and then /or select the gear on the Google Homepage and select 'Search settings.' From there, find the Instant section, and select off. Then select 'Save preferences.'"

  minilite 28 Jan 13


Thank you for this ,it now works as it use to,although i don,t know why i have to create an account to correct this feature,but thanks

  difarn 29 Jan 13

It is indeed Google instant and can be changed within preferences if you sign on as SillBill says. However this requires that you sign on and do not clear your browser cookies each time you close it. If you do then changing the preference has no effect - this is why I chose to have Google at the link I gave to you. Glad you're sorted.


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