Golf Simulation PC game for Windows 8

  Guardsman2 21 Mar 13

For many years I have enjoyed playing Microsoft Links LS2000. Have loaded it successfully on ME, XP and lastly on Vista. Sadly I cannot get it to run on my new Windows loads OK but when I click on the shortcut start, the screen blacks out and freezes.

Is there any way I can get it to run on my system or can anyone recommend a good golf sim...Tigers Woods, LS2000 type that I can load and run. Incidentally...I am in the lower 80's...fairly OK with my PC but please, no deep technical help, virtual systems etc. If anyone can help, I will be extremely grateful.

  aristorias 22 Mar 13

Although I have not yet played this myself, you could try Par 72 golf available in the windows 8 store for £3.49. At this price it seems to be worth a try. Graphics are simplified compared to Links but the essentials are there.

  Guardsman2 22 Mar 13

Thanks Aristorias...have tried it, there is a cut down free version too, but it is very simplistic and very 'gamey'...almost in the 'Mario' style. I am looking for a real Golf Sim. and do not mind paying the price for such. Appreciate the response...all the best...Guardsman2

  rdave13 22 Mar 13

How about an online game? Found thisbut haven't played it.

This link you can click on lessons to see video tutorials just to see if it's good enough.

  mart7 22 Mar 13

If thats no good i would suggest you try the latest Tiger Woods golf game Tiger woods pga golf 2007,thats the last proper version ea sports did for the pc It works on windows 7 64bit and you will probably find it to buy somewhere for £5,might be worth a go?

  Guardsman2 04 Apr 13

Hi rdave13 Thanks for reply but not into online gaming...have cracked it...see reply to mart7. All the best...Guardsman2

  Guardsman2 04 Apr 13

Hi mart7

Brilliant...bought a copy off eBay for just a few £'s...all loaded and running all I have to do is to learn how to play the game. Many thanks and all the best...Guardsman2

  mart7 04 Apr 13



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