gmail & windows 7

  sunnystaines 02 Nov 09

I now only use gmail how do i get get w7 to recognise this as default email please.

all i get is "could not preform this operation as the default mail client not properly installed"

gmail comes via a web page not outlook etc

  gazzaho 03 Nov 09

I'm not sure how to do what you want with webmail as the default mail server, but I downloaded Windows Live Mail and incorporated it, along with my ISP email account into that. Now I can check both email accounts from the one program.

Download and install Windows Live Mail then click on Add Email Account, enter your google username and password and enable IMAP from the Settings Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab on your google mail web page, then click finish.

I found it quite straight forward.

  sunnystaines 03 Nov 09

thanks for that tip was not aware gmail would go into livemail

  gazzaho 03 Nov 09

No problem, I think you can add whatever email accounts you want as long as they support IMAP.

Windows Live Mail is better than I first thought, all your files are stored on your computer and better still it seems to deliver your mail to multiple computers. I'm able to receive my emails on both my desktop and notebook together, with Vista and Windows Mail it was either or, not both. Live Mail seems to store your emails on a network server then transfer them to whichever computer your using the next time you log on for your emails keeping all machines synchronised.


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