gmail in w7

  sunnystaines 13 Nov 09

when i open an email on the gmail web then click show details, I can no longer get the graphics on the email in the top cornor is a icon with small red green dots.

same emails ok in xp

any ideas anyone please.

  sunnystaines 13 Nov 09

getting a warning box that reads this webpage coNtaints contents that will not be delivered using secure HTTPS

if i choose yes the web page opens with original problem above.

if i choose NO ie8 crashes restarts and goes on a endless cycle till i close the browser down.

tried reset of ie8 no change.

  sunnystaines 13 Nov 09

gone from bad to worse the page crashes if i select yes or no on the warning.

tried taking the tick out of protected mode still stuck.

  sunnystaines 13 Nov 09

seems if i disable symantec NCO BHO it stops the crash but still cannot view images.

not sure why this has started in xp all ok

  sunnystaines 13 Nov 09

gmail in firefox 3.5 runs perfect. problem must be somewhere in ie8

  sunnystaines 14 Nov 09

norton have admitted its a problem on build107 of their beta we are testing they have fixed the issue for the next build, not sure when it will be released.

using firefox trouble free for gmail till matter sorted.

  havencroft 14 Nov 09

Gmail works ok for me in IE8 on Win 7, must be your setup somewhere.

  sunnystaines 14 Nov 09

the beta of norton 360 is the problem


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