getting some kind of error code on screen

  Boblee 28 Sep 12

I am getting a some kind of message when booting my laptop stating (Console Window Host has stopped working). Can someone please help?

  KRONOS the First 28 Sep 12

You have certainly given us plenty to go on.

What operating system are you using.? Is this a recent problem? Have you installed anything prior to the problem arising?

  Boblee 28 Sep 12

this is a Gateway laptop, model NV53 AMD Turion Ultra dual mobile m600 2.40 GHz 4.00 GB 64-bit Windows 7

  lotvic 28 Sep 12

have a look in Event Viewer and see if any clues/explanation there, look for yellow with ! in it.

  Nontek 28 Sep 12

Are you using Avast Anti-virus? This has been known to produce this problem when updating the Avast.

If your answer to this is 'Yes', then I would try a different A-Virus.

  Boblee 28 Sep 12

Can find clues/explanation in Event Viewer there with anything yellow with it

Also for Nontek, I have Norton for Anti-virus

Any other ideals from anyone?

  lotvic 29 Sep 12

A console application is one that does not have a GUI, but instead relies on text input and output via a command prompt window of some sort.

Seems it is the Cmd Window

There is a possibility that one of the conhost.exe is a virus so do the relevant antivirus/malware scans and checks. Other than that it may be a program you have installed that is misbehaving or not installed correctly. You might get some clues from Taskmanager on processes that are running or stalled.

  lotvic 29 Sep 12

A couple of good links on ClickHere that will help in troubleshooting to find out which program is causing problem.


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