Ozy 14:59 PM 27 Aug 09

I loaded Windows 7, dual booted with XP,
XP uses the Gembird sound card,
windows 7 will not install the drivers from the cd disc.
(I think they are xp only )
windows 7 uses the onboard sound, realtec ac97,
but it will not even play that, it goes through the motions,
but no sound . from past experience, I know I would have to remove the sound card for 7 to play,
the onboard sound, but that is not on.
I have tried gembird home page, google and driver guide,
they just give me sites where I have to pay for drivers.
I don’t want to pay for a driver, that I can only use for a few months
my main computer is vista.
Anyone know of a free driver download?

  Pine Man 15:15 PM 27 Aug 09

Can you not disable your onboard sound before you install W7 and force it to load it's own generic sound card drivers or even search for one on your behalf?

  Ozy 11:23 AM 29 Aug 09

took out the xp sound card put in a vista sound card, every thing is working thanks

  Pine Man 11:37 AM 29 Aug 09

Good news!

  JessicaD42 19:57 PM 01 Sep 09


Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 RC Support Forum located here click here . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. You may want to check the threads there for additional support with drivers and Windows 7.

Microsoft Windows Client Team


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